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Travisher – Key Features and Reviews

James Mursell developed his travisher for shaping Windsor chair seats over a period of ten years, working through several prototypes to reach this final form. He has been making and selling the ‘Wood‘ version for many years to makers all round the world. Then at the end of 2018 he produced two new versions, the ‘Deluxe‘ and ‘Black‘. These are made of new materials and broaden the range. 

The unique shape of the body is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, making the job of hollowing Windsor chair seats a most pleasurable experience.

black wood and deluxe travishers
Black, Wood and Deluxe Travishers

Key features of this travisher

  • The back of the tool is solid, just where the thumbs need to be placed to push the tool. This is not only comfortable, but by pushing just behind the blade the tendency of the tool to tip over in the direction of travel is almost eliminated.
  • The solid back of the tool supports the back of the blade reducing chatter when shaving difficult wood.
  • Shavings are ejected through the top of the tool.
  • The blade can be set precisely by tightening the grub screws set into the front of the body.
  • Even when the blade is set for a heavy cut, fine cuts can be made by adjusting the pressure on the blade and skewing the body to the direction of travel without the need to adjust the blade.
  • The blades are individually hand forged by master blade-maker Ben Orford.
  • Radius: 4.75″ approx.

Listen to Ben Orford about the travisher

Ben makes the blades for my travishers. Have a look at this clip where he describes the tool, its uses and how to set it up.

Review by Bern Chandley

Bern is a top Australian Windsor chair maker.

“Handwork: The travisher is the best tool for hollowing seats”

by Fabian Fisher

Fine Woodworking magazine issue # 256, Oct 2016

Chair Making Courses

No previous experience is necessary to successfully complete a Windsor chair making course and yet experienced woodworkers will still be fully challenged. Individual guidance and assistance will be provided as appropriate, and every effort will be made to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable course.

Chair Making Book

Written by James Mursell, this book was the first new book about the making and design of Windsor chairs for over 10 years. It was written with a broad readership in mind and is aimed at existing Windsor chair makers and also at those who are contemplating making their first chair.

Youtube Videos

Ben Orford makes the blades for my travishers.

Watch his short video about this great tool and the uses it can be put to.

Tool Testimonials

“This tool is phenomenal. I bought two, one for myself and another for my Windsor chairmaker instructor. Compared to the other travishers I have used, yours is very good to work with and everyone who has tried it loves it. I just ordered a second one and your two spokeshaves which I trust will be as enjoyable to use. Thanks again for making such great tools.” LG (USA) 2015

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