What’s Included in the Plans?

Plans come as a comprehensive package containing all the information necessary to make the chair. Photographs from different directions are included in the plans to assist in their interpretation and the making of the chair.

The seat shape is given by a template for cutting out from the plank. Plan, front and side views of the seat are included with transition lines for marking out. These are enhanced by the inclusion of two cross-sections for each seat.

Also included in the plans are:


templates included in the plans

Sample seat plan with holes and sight-lines

Seat, and bending formers for arms, bow, crinoline stretcher and curved armposts where appropriate.

Suggestion: Create full-size templates from paper/card/hard board/ply and use them to mark the shapes and hole positions directly onto the wood.


Turning patterns and measurements

templates included in the plans

Sample turning plans

The shape of each turning is drawn as a half-plan. The positions and dimensions of key elements are also marked.

Suggestion: Transfer all these details to a stick and use it directly on the lathe.


A comprehensive data table contains a cutting list of all components. The spacing of holes (e.g.for spindles), and the positions of major holes, with their angles and sight-lines, are included in the plans. 

All plans are produced in the same overall format. Once one plan has been used it will be immediately obvious how to interpret other plans from this website. Feedback on the content of plans is always welcome.


Imperial (inches) units are used throughout this site.