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Tools testimonials

“I must thank you so much for introducing me to the Winsor Workshop travisher. I do not know how I have missed this most efficient and easy-to-use and control tool. In the past I have used both gouges and thumb planes to form the inside surface of the front of a Viola da Gamba (a baroque bowed musical instrument). It would have saved me a lot of time and effort if I had possessed one earlier.”

Paul Royce – luthier
maker of fine baroque musical instruments

“James, your travisher arrived last night. I just used it in my shop this past five minutes, wonderful! Thank you so much. Excellent work!”

LD (Japan)

“I purchased one of your travishers about 6 months ago, and I just got a chance to use it for the first time. I’m using it to smooth the inside of the top and bottom plates for the archtop guitars I build. It’s a great tool, and I was very surprised to see how quickly it refined the surface after my round bottom planes……..

I used the travisher more today, working on a different guitar. I have to say that, somewhat like bumble bees and flying, travishers just don’t look like they would work…and yet, somehow, I am able to take heavy cuts and very light finishing cuts, without even adjusting the blade. It’s quickly becoming my favorite tool for this work.”

October 2012

“I recently purchased one of your travishers for use in the Continuous Arm Windsor Chair Class I teach at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking, in Victoria, Australia. The item arrived promptly and well packaged with straight forward instructions on assembly of the nicely honed blade to the body.

The travisher worked seamlessly and cut fine ribbons at angles on the seat that I had previously not achieved with similar tools. Suffice to say your Travisher was coveted by all students during the class, with one student buying his own immediately afterwards!

A fine product which would compliment any chair maker’s tool chest.”

GA Melbourne Australia

“A superior modern design of a traditional tool”

‘Wow! That was fast! The spokeshaves arrived yesterday, and I picked them up from the Post Office a few minutes ago. I have had a little play, and I am a happy man. I have one of your travishers which just blew me away, and I can see I am going to have as much fun with these spokeshaves. So, thank you very much for the speedy delivery, and for the hard work you have put into developing these tools.”

BH Australia September

“The travisher I ordered came in on Saturday, it is very nice! I have been fighting a curved metal spokeshave and am glad I found your tools! She slices cherry like butter. Thank you so much for the wonderful tool.”



“It is now a few weeks ago since we started to use our new spokeshave from your workshop.

I must say that we are absolutely delighted with it. I have been teaching woodwork to young people with learning difficulties for many years. There is always the search for still better tools and methods to make things easier for them. The wonderful thing about your spokeshaves is that they are very comfortable to use and they seem to fit correctly into the hand in a very natural way. With the other spokeshaves, we have I need much more time to explain how to hold them, how hard to push etc. And they do get the work done very efficiently.

The old saying goes that the bad craftsman blames his tools. I think the good craftsman knows what nonsense that is. Better tools will help to do better work. And this is very true in my work. Your ‘sales pitch’, if you need any, should include something of these benefits for people with learning impairments. It might encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of these beautiful tools. I think we will be back for more in the future!”

June 2012


Small spokeshave

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£71.50 plus shipping

Medium spokeshave

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£75.00 plus shipping

Robert Ingham

20 years as principal of Parnham College. Robert now runs his own business Robert Ingham Designs from his workshop in North Wales.


‘The right tool for the job’ is a saying that rolls off the tongue quite easily when craftsmen discuss techniques. I came across a wooden spokeshave which had been made by James Mursell at The Classic Handtools exhibition recently and was pleased to have a chance to try it out. My own approach to tools is to spend some time tuning them and in some cases improving their performance. I have also made quite a number of my own tools when those that are commercially available do not perform to my expectations. James’s wooden spokeshaves are made by him and they embody an understanding of the geometry, function and the feel that these tools should have. In addition to these features, they have fine adjustment that has been ingeniously thought out and carefully manufactured. If you are involved in sculptural shaping of wood I strongly recommend that you treat yourself these very enjoyable tools.

Robert Ingham

Furniture & Cabinet Making

Issue 155 July 2009

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Spokeshave review

Brian Boggs

Master chairmaker from Kentucky, USA. Designer of the Lie Neilsen Boggs Spokeshave


“The simplicity of the body shape allows me to hold it in any position with comfort. On straight grained wood it performs beautifully. Nice work!”

Brian Boggs

Small, Medium and Spokeshave Kits

For more detailed information about James Mursell’s small, medium and spokeshave kits, click any of the links below.

Small Spokeshave

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£71.50 plus shipping

Small Spokeshave Kit

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£42.00 plus shipping

Medium Spokeshave

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£75.00 plus shipping

Medium Spokeshave Kit

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£48.00 plus shipping

Chair Making Courses

Chair Making Course

No previous experience is necessary to successfully complete a Windsor chair making course and yet experienced woodworkers will still be fully challenged. Individual guidance and assistance will be provided as appropriate, and every effort will be made to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable course.

Chair Making Book

Windsor chair making book

Written by James Mursell, this book was the first new book about the making and design of Windsor chairs for over 10 years. It was written with a broad readership in mind and is aimed at existing Windsor chair makers and also at those who are contemplating making their first chair.

YouTube Videos

Ben Orford makes the blades for my travishers.

Watch his short video about this great tool and the uses it can be put to.


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