Tips for Creating Full-size Templates

Downloaded Scale Drawings

If you purchase scale drawings designed to be printed on A4/Letter paper then the following techniques can be helpful for producing full-size templates:

1. Use the scales on the plans to plot the outline of the templates onto 1″ square paper. A set of co-ordinates every inch should be sufficient.

2. An alternative to drawing full size templates by hand is to use a computer program such as Microsoft Publisher.   Set the page size to the exact size of the template (plus a margin of say 1” all round). Copy, paste  and expand the pasted image until it is full size. Then print on multiple sheets of paper and stick them together with tape. This is a very effective and quick method of making full-size templates. Similar results can be achieved with Corel Draw and other drawing programs.

Suggestion: Where the seats and formers are symmetrical you can save paper and time by creating half-templates rather than full ones.

Downloaded Full-size Drawings

If the PDF file is viewed with Adobe Reader X or XI then they can be printed full size using the ‘Poster’ option in the print dialogue box. Note that if you use A4/Letter paper then you may use up to 25 sheets to print a single A0-size file. You may be better off either finding a large scale printer nearby or ordering hard copy prints by mail.