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This tool is designed to refine flat and convex surfaces, such as the sides of Windsor chair seats, after the use of a spokeshave or rasp. The spokescraper is particularly effective on end-grainand works very well on hardwoods, such as ash. It will create a surface that required a minimum of sanding. The spokescraper is also excellent at producing a great surface on spindles and steam bent parts of a chair.

The spokescraper is made from naval brass and Delrin (a high density engineering polymer).

This tool has been developed in response to the need to produce high quality surfaces quickly and easily, sometimes on difficult wood, and has been very popular with students that have used prototypes.

The blade is set by tapping it from above with a hammer. It can be removed for sharpening by tapping the upside-down tool on the bench to release the wedge. The spokescraper is complementary to the spokeshave and is not designed to replace it.

The blade is sharpened in the same way as a card scraper and a burr can be created on both sides of the blade allowing it to be flipped over when the first burr loses sharpness. Resharpening takes a matter of minutes and about three sharpenings should be possible between the regrinding of the edge. This latter takes just minutes.
Videos will be produced shortly showing all these simple processes.

The tool is supplied with the blade sharpened on two sides. It should be useable straight out of the box, provided shipping knocks have not altered the position of the blade.

Price: £96 plus shipping

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