Plan Format Options

Two Plan Formats are Available:

  1. Scale drawings downloaded (Pdf format) for printing A4/Letter size
  2. Full-size drawings downloaded (Pdf format) for printing on an A0/ANSI E printer

1. Scale Drawings

  • Scale drawings in Pdf format for printing at A4/letter size
  • Clear scales are given for each drawing on squared paper so that full size templates  for the seat and bending formers can be easily created.
  • See tips for creating full size templates

2. Full-Size Plans Downloaded

  • Full size Windsor chair plans allow you to get to work straight away by cutting out the shapes and tracing around them onto the wood.
  • Outlets that can print Pdf format files on A0/ANSI E paper can be found locally nowadays. These are frequently used for producing architectural plans and similar.
  • Download the Pdf format file and email it to the printer. Collect the print and you are ready to start.
  • See tips for creating full size templates


The cost of plans varies from chair to chair depending on the complexity and size of the design. The cost of downloads for each chair is the same for each option (scale drawings or full-size).