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Sharpening Blades

Having the ability to keep a sharp edge to your blade is essential. The video clips below show a very simple method of sharpening spoke shave blades and curved travisher blades that uses no more than a wooden stick and four strips of wet & dry paper. Whatever system that you eventually adopt, it must be quick and easy so that you never hesitate to resharpen your blade!

If you remember that the definition of a sharp edge is the intersection of two polished surfaces, then you can sharpen all but the bluntest blades just by honing. Grinding is used to re-shape the bevel. This does not have to be done each time the blade is sharpened and the blade’s life will be determined by the frequency of regrinding.

Polishing can be done with fine wet and dry paper as shown in the videos, but it can also be done with spinning felt wheels loaded with a polishing soap. If the correct equipment is available then it is possible to re-sharpen a blade in no more that 15 seconds!

Note that it is essential that spinning felt wheels rotate away from the user to eliminate the risk of the blade digging in and causing serious injury.