Minimalist Comb Side Chair - AO Plans

This minimalist comb side chair was designed to be both modern and compact, while still comfortable. The distinctive seat is trapezoid in outline. The seat hollow is circular and convex flares on each side enhance the lightness of its appearance. This example has an American cherry seat with ash. This chair is designed to be paired with the Minimalist Comb Armchair.


Maximum dimensions: 17″ x 20″ x 37.75″ ( w x d x h )

The six spindles are deliberately divided into two groups with a larger gap in the centre to provide extra visual interest. This means that there is no central spindle to coincide with the sitter’s spine. This is more a discussion point than being important to the structure and comfort of the chair! Being modern, turned spindles are more appropriate in this case than the slightly irregular nature of shaved spindles. A gently steam-bent crest tops off the spindles. Only two side stretchers are fitted to this chair.

Scale drawings: For printing on A0/ANSI E-size paper