Contemporary Comb Side Chair - AO Plans

This chair was first made using a pole lathe and won first prize in the side-chair category at the 2012 Bodgers Ball. Any lathe can, of course, be used to make the turnings and the spindles can be turned or shaved as preferred. The chair shown has an elm seat with the rest in ash.


Maximum dimensions: 21″ x 21″ x 36.5″ ( w x d x h )

This modern design relies on substantial bases to the spindles to provide the strength of the back. The result is a flexible back which will move with the sitter, which is more comfortable than a rigid chair. The seat is simple to shape and its deep profile provides real comfort. A steam-bent crest ties the spindles together. This is a relatively simple chair to make. A pillar drill is handy to drill the spindle holes in the seat.

Scale drawings: For printing on A0/ANSI E-size paper