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Spokeshave kits

The spokeshave kit offers woodworkers and furnituremakers a choice between purchasing the tool ready-to-use, and making their own to the same standard, but at a lower cost.

  • Hard maple block, (CNC) machined to accept the blade and depth setting grub screws.
  • Hock blade – high carbon steel blade hardened to Rc 62 (see www.hocktools.com).
  • Two depth-adjusting set screws, with Allen key.
  • Brass wear-plate and brass screws to be fixed in front of blade
  • Instructions for making the spokeshave

Click the images below for larger versions.

small spokeshave kit

Small Spokeshave Kit

£51.00 plus shipping

medium spokeshave kit

Medium Spokeshave kit

£55.00 plus shipping

The Windsor Workshop spokeshave kits

Unlike other kits on the market the wood block has already been machined to accept the blade and set-screws. This leaves the maker to shape the block and to fit the brass wear plate. A range of different shapes can be successful.

Top View

Alternative profiles (top) for shaping spokeshave kit bodies.

Spokeshave kit shaping templates

Back View

Alternative profiles (back) for shaping spokeshave kit bodies.

Shaping guides


Alternative plans for ejecting shavings for wooden spokeshave kits.

Alternative plans for ejecting shavings for wooden spokeshave kits from The Windsor Workshop

Two options are given for ejecting the shavings: shavings ejected to the rear of the tool; and TWW’s preferred shape where the shavings emerge from the top of the tool.

The advantages of this latter design is that the back of the tool remains entire giving a comfortable surface on which thumbs/fingers can push/pull; also the back of the blade is supported by the body of the tool over its full length minimising the tendency to chatter.

Making a spokeshave

Spokeshaves are most effective when held lightly, with fingers and thumbs directly in front of and behind the blade. This gives the user maximum feedback from the blade, of how it is cutting through the wood, allowing immediate and instinctive adjustments to be made.

The kits give the maker considerable scope for imagination in shaping the block, allowing him to create a personalised tool.

Small Spokeshave Kit

£51.00 plus shipping

Medium Spokeshave kit

£55 plus shipping

Chair Making Courses

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YouTube Videos

Ben Orford makes the blades for my travishers.

Watch his short video about this great tool and the uses it can be put to.


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