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Other Chairs

Windsor chairs come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here are a few ‘specials’.


To enquire about ordering a single chair or set of chairs, please telephone James on the number below.

07733 543 022

High Chair

High Chair
This simple high chair is designed for slightly older children who long to sit at table with adults and graduate from an independent high chair with built-in table. This simple and rugged design has been proven over many years and children often like to continue to use their chairs long after they have grown out of them!

Price: £395


This 4-legged stool is the same height as a normal chair and it is ideal for adding another place at table when space is limited. Its dished seat makes it very comfortable.

Price: £245

Piano Bench

Piano Bench

This piano bench will seat three at a push! I designed it for my daughter when she began to play piano and it has been in use ever since. The shaped seat is very comfortable and naturally encourages good posture in the player.

Price: £595


New Windsor Settee
This 2-seat settee was inspired by two historical settees, one from England and the other America. The deeply sculpted seat and reclined back make it comfortable for extended periods. The crinoline stretcher and curved arm posts give it an elegance missing from many 2-seaters. It will be at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Price: £1250


This style of chair was popular in the late 1700’s. The original chairs all had drawers for candles and writing equipment and this modern interpretation does the same. The writing arm can be placed on either side. Modern uses of this chair include: crosswords, iPads, remote controls……………………!

Price: £1250

Bar Stool

Bar Stool
This contemporary bar stool is loosely based on the Minimalist side-chair. The distinctive seat is crisply shaped and comfortable and the front rail provides the ideal position for resting ones feet.

Price: £450

Chair Making Courses

Chair Making Course

No previous experience is necessary to successfully complete a Windsor chair making course and yet experienced woodworkers will still be fully challenged. Individual guidance and assistance will be provided as appropriate, and every effort will be made to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable course.

Chair Making Book

Windsor chair making book

Written by James Mursell, this book was the first new book about the making and design of Windsor chairs for over 10 years. It was written with a broad readership in mind and is aimed at existing Windsor chair makers and also at those who are contemplating making their first chair.

YouTube Videos

Ben Orford makes the blades for my travishers.

Watch his short video about this great tool and the uses it can be put to.

Tool Testimonials


“This tool is phenomenal. I bought two, one for myself and another for my Windsor chairmaker instructor. Compared to the other travishers I have used, yours is very good to work with and everyone who has tried it loves it. I just ordered a second one and your two spokeshaves which I trust will be as enjoyable to use. Thanks again for making such great tools.” LG (USA) 2015